How to Buy Probate Real Estate

How to Buy Probate Real Estate

Estate executors are some of the most motivated sellers that you will fine. ANYWHERE.

They’re usually REQUIRED to sell a house as part of the estate. And they ALWAYS want the cash yesterday.

But the houses they’re selling generally need a lot of updates, so they can’t be sold by a real estate agent. And they also usually have a ton of “stuff” left in them that none of the family members want.

So that means they’re often stuck in a bind.

That’s where YOU come in!

I’m Dennis Fassett. Early in my real estate investing career in 2004 I learned how to buy probate real estate, and I’ve been chasing probate deals ever since. It has been a TREMENDOUS source of deals for me – no matter what the real estate market was doing.

Because face it – unlike foreclosures and other events that depend on the economy, people who own real estate die every day. This gives probate investors a fresh batch of motivated seller leads every single DAY!

How great has this source been for me?

  • 50% of the rental houses in my portfolio came from probate leads
  • 100% of the wholesale deals that I’ve sold came from probate leads
  • 50% of my flips came from probate leads
“I was impressed how much helpful information is given in just nine videos. I spent $400 for a Probate course a few years ago that offered no resources or sample letters. I had given up on probate leads..this course re-ignites my interest in working probate leads.”
Wendy Smith

Here are some examples of the properties I have acquired via probate leads:

how to buy probate real estate


“Just finished Probate Real Estate 101 with Dennis Fassett. Awesome information and very easy to follow.”
Gena Kirkwood


how to buy probate real estate


how to buy probate real estate


How to Buy Probate Real Estate

Are you looking for a great source of motivated seller leads?

Are you tired of competing against everyone else in town for deals?

Then probate houses are for you!

The fact is, that chasing probates is a brain dead simple process. But, like most things that are worthwhile, it takes some work to do.

That’s why most real estate investors don’t bother with them.

But you’re different. If you’re here, you’re smart enough to understand that doing a little extra work makes sense, especially when it will give you an advantage over most of the rest of the real estate investors in your area.

I created this program for folks like you who want that competitive advantage. Who want a steady stream of motivated seller leads. And who aren’t afraid of doing a little bit more work than everyone else in your market.

What’s Included In the How to Buy Probate Real Estate Program:

  • Session 1: Introduction to Probate Real Estate
  • Session 2: Probate and the Probate Process
  • Session 3: Why Chase Probate Deals?
  • Session 4: How to Find Probate Leads in Your Area
  • Session 5: Contacting the Executor of the Estate
  • Session 6: The Property Visit
  • Session 7: Analyzing the Numbers
  • Session 8: Presenting Your Offer and Getting the Purchase Agreement Signed
  • Session 9: The Closing Process

This course is 100% comprehensive. I walk you through the entire process from beginning to end. I include all the tools and letters that I use, and I walk you through the process of dealing with sometimes emotional heirs.

In addition to teaching you the process, I’m also including…

  • Two versions of my initial letter that I send to executors and personal representatives
  • The FIVE follow up letters that I send
  • My envelope template with the mail merge codes already in place
  • My follow up schedule, AND
  • My Excel lead tracking spreadsheet – with the date formulas built-in so you know exactly when to send each of the follow up letters

With these tools the process is PLUG and PLAY.

“Excellent Course!

I really appreciated the pace of the course, the information was relevant and he had a very nice voice to listen to while I learned.”

Georgia Leon

So don’t delay. Enroll in this course and start chasing highly motivated probate sellers TODAY.

Get My 30 Day Brass-Balls 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

My “Brass Balls” guarantee is simple and straightforward. If — after thoroughly reviewing all the material in this program — you are not satisfied with your purchase, let me know and I’ll refund your purchase price in full – no questions asked.

This is the kind of strong guarantee I expect when I buy something like this, so it’s exactly what I’m proud to offer you.

Of course I can’t go through the program for you. I can’t make you take action, or guarantee your results. But I fully and unhesitatingly stand behind the accuracy and extreme value of this information. And I promise that, if you complete it and apply it, you will be thrilled with the results you’ll get.

The Probate Real Estate Program consisting of 9 video sessions and all the tools, templates, and resources that you need to fully implement the program!
The Cost: $97

Get Your Access Now…